Adelaide Fringe - Let the solo street shows begin


After years of stage performances it was time to hit the street.  And so I did with 

Edinburgh Fringe - with the Splash Test Dummies


Back again with the Dummies but this time splish splashing around with with one of there other shows - Splash Test Dummies -  a quick trip over to QLD for a couple out of town show and off to London for there beautiful summer.  5 shows later its time to shoot up to Edinburgh to show the locals how much fun you can have with everything water.

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Cirque Eloize - Cirkopolis Europe Tour


This new adventure takes me back to Montreal for the rehearsals of Cirkopolis where i met the new cast, trained and created new material for the show. Cirque Eloize is a Canadian company that has created many incredible shows of the years that have toured the world and I am honored to be apart of it all.  We stated our tour in South Korea before moving to the middle East and soon will be in Europe till the end of the year.  

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Circus Aotearoa - New Zealand's  North Island Tour


Arriving on my birthday, January the 14th, i started touring with the well known Circus Aotearoa for their 2017 north island tour.  Starting above Tauronga and slowly working are way to the west side of the island and then down to Wellinton, its a week by week, town by town, 6 month tour, setting up, performing, packing down and moving the big top. With the two Gordon brothers, 7 other amazing circus artists and New Zealands stunning scenery it really is the perfect way to travel.

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Bete de Cirque - New Show Research


After shooting over to Montreal I met up with the new 'William the Great' cast to work on the next installment for Bête de Cirque. Starting with a street show up in Mt. Carmel and then a finale plank and banquine act that were performed with the amazing people from 'Cirque Carpe Diem' as part of the off season for the 'Montréal Complètement Cirque’ festival. After that, the funding for the 2017 project began, with three weeks to create as much material as possible (acts, characters, skills and themes for a touring show!) and film it all. Over the next couple of months, it will all be put together and sent off.

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Joining the "Trash Test Dummies"

In April of 2016 I had the privilege of performing with a great company and their award winning show "Trash Test Dummies”. In collaboration with Country Arts WA we took the show for a 7 week tour performing 22 shows in country towns all over WA.
Driving more then 500kms some days, we took the show to some very remote towns that usually have no access to the arts. With performing, traveling, teaching circus and physical theater workshops, set up and pack down it was a very hands on experience. All in all, touring with the Trash Test Dummies proved to be a great experience.

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The Carnival of Wonder - Round 2


Odds & Ends Circus is at it again, bringing the people a show full of fire, fun and some funky attitude, with the very grumpy ring master, Mr Von Farraviniti, and his "Carnival of Wonder". After performing last year in the Melbourne Fringe Festival, the young Australian company brought a new look to their comedy show, performing in the amazing Melba Spiegeltent. It was once again a great hit.

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